List of works


Porten (2021), for women’s chorus SSAA, dur. approx. 4’30’’

Islossning, Majestätiskt/Mjukt, Skirt, Storm (music to scenes from the narrative performance Kunobröderna) (2021), for saxophone quartet, dur. approx. 7 min in total

Stillheten (2020), for mixed chorus SATB and percussion, dur. approx. 5 min.

Des/information (2019),interactive music drama performance for actor, recorder, flute, clarinet, trombone and electronics, dur. approx. 60 min

Gloria (2018) for 2-part children’s chorus and piano, dur. 3’30

Sanctus (2018) for 2-part children’s chorus and piano, dur. 2’30

Ghost Town (2018) for F contrabass recorder and live electronics, dur. 6 min

Molnformationer (2018) for symphony orchestra, dur. approx. 8 min

In Blessing (2017) for mixed chorus SATB a cappella, dur. 4’30

Gjallarhorn (2017) for horn, dur. 1 min

Gudars like (2016) for women’s chorus SSSAAA a cappella, dur. 5 min

Thanatos (2016) for cello, clarinet, recorder and soprano, dur. approx. 50 min

Dance of Destruction and Creation (2016) for symphonic wind orchestra, dur. 7’30

Till the End (2016) for mixed chorus SSAATTBB a cappella, dur. 6 min

Yggdrasil (2015), chamber concerto for cello with piano, harp and percussion, dur. approx. 20 min

Vad som har hänt i sagan, skall hända även mig! (2015) for mixed chorus SATB with optional piano accompaniment, dur. approx. 12 min

A Study in Confinement (2014) for recorder, soprano, viola, percussion and trombone, dur. approx. 45 min (video excerpt)

Mermaid Memories (2013) for recorder and piano, dur. 13’30

School composition project, Staffanstorp (2013) for tape (six pieces, dur. 3 min each. Titles: Läskiga grottan, Sagan om fladdermusen, Zlatan möter Messi, Den kusliga natten, 2b:s fantastiska djurvärld, Bird Power)

The Brain/The Lost Thought (2012) for sop, rec, perc, dur. approx. 6 min

Put out the light (2012) for symphony orchestra, dur. approx. 8 min

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (2012) for sop, fl, bass cl, pno, double bass, dur. approx. 5 min

Birds of Passage II (2011) for recorder and tape, dur. approx. 6 min (to be performed with Birds of Passage)

The Art of Loving (2011) for solo violin, dur. approx. 5 min

…was hast du meinem Schlaf zu sagen? (2011) for orchestra, dur. approx. 10 min.

If (2010) for mixed chorus SSAATTBB, dur. approx. 5 min.

Birds of Passage (2010) for recorder and tape, dur. approx. 6 min.

Ars Amatoria (2010) för women’s chorus SSAA and two violins, lyrics by Ovid, dur. 9’30

Tempelmusik II (2010) for string orchestra, dur. approx. 10 min (performed in september 2010 at the Venice Biennale)

A Brisk Walk Through Hell (2010) for guitar, hrp, cl, perc, vla, double bass and tape, dur. approx. 10 min.

Vicious Circles (2010) for trombone, cello, percussion and clarinet, dur. approx. 15 min.

Tempelmusik (2009) for 15 strings, dur. 10’30

Had a great fall (2009) for chamber orchestra, dur. 9 min.

Zum Einschlafen zu sagen (2009) for tenor, harp, bass clarinet and live electronics, lyrics by R. M. Rilke, dur. 4’15

Herbsttag (2009) for rec, fl, bass cl, tenor, hrp, perc with optional live electronics, lyrics by R. M. Rilke, dur. 4’30

Grimm tales (2008) för women’s chorus SSAA and tape, lyrics from tales by the Grimm brothers, dur. 8’10

smouldering… (2008) for wind orchestra, dur. 4 min

Inside the Circle (2008) för percussion ensemble, dur. 5’15

…i ett dunkelt ljus (2008) for piano, dur. 12 min

Tre stycken för orgel (2008) for organ, dur. 12 min

Gatekeeper II (2008) for trombon and electronics, dur. 10 min

Caractères (2007) for rec, cl, trp, sop, vl, lyrics by Tristan Tzara, dur. approx. 6’30

Riddles (2007) for wind orchestra, dur. 4 min

Watchguard/Gatekeeper (2007, later developed into Gatekeeper II) for three trombones, dur. approx. 4’30

Skrattspegel (2007) for tape, dur. 7 min

Fyra karikatyrer (2007) for piano, dur. approx. 5 min

Invocation (2005/2006) for flute, dur. 7 min

Non requiescat (2004/2005) for chamber orchestra, dur. 5’30

Lorelei (2003) for sop, cl, hrp, vl, vla, vc, lyrics by Heinrich Heine, dur. 6 min



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